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Record Tennis Video with a Separate Audio Source

We filmed a college tennis match the other day using a separate microphone to record the chair umpire, and here’s the result.

I really enjoy having the score called out after every point, and there’s really no reason you couldn’t do this yourself calling out the score and commentating on the match.  The only real trick is to sync the audio and video, but if you take your time it’s not that hard.

No need to use a “clapping” board like they do in the movies.  The trick is to start the camera, then walk over to the net, within view of the camera and raise your hand over your head.   Then quickly lower your hand and start the audio at the same time.  Later on, in the editing process, you can easily sync the two.  If your software will show the audio waveform as a graph, you can also then match up wave form spikes with certain loud sounds.

Equipment Needed:

You probably have all the equipment you need right now.  Assuming you already have purchased a QM-1 Camera Mount, or the K-2 Bundle, you are already half-way there.  The only other piece of equipment you need is an audio recording device. Not sure if you have one?  How about your smartphone?  We’ve used it with great success!


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