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How to Delete Files on a MUVI K-2 Camera

If you have the app installed, no instructions necessary.  But sometime (most of the time), I don’t like to use the app to delete files.  I just do it manually and actually it’s much quicker.

So, Here you go with the manual controls.  (Not using an LCD.)

1) Turn on,
2)  Hold down the red button on front for three to five seconds.
3)  Press the red button on top ten times to scroll to the big “M”, then
4)  Use the red button on front to select the big “M”, then
5)  Use the red button on front again to select the gear.  If the gear isn’t in position to be selected automatically, use the top red button to scroll until it is, then select the gear.
6)  Use the top red button to scroll (press about 9 times to get to the “Delete”.
7) Use front red button to select “Delete”
8)  Use top front button to scroll to “Delete All”, then select with the front red button.
9)  Scross with top red button and and select “Yes” to format the card.
That’s it, the files are gone.  I always use this method myself.

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