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Filming a Soccer Match

Fabrizio in the U.K. uses the QM-1, both a standard and a modified version, to film his soccer matches.  For some, we made him a 4′ tall ProView Extender.  He doesn’t upload to YouTube, but click here to see his Facebook page with lots of videos.  Maybe you can take your soccer skills to the

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How to Delete Files on a MUVI K-2 Camera

If you have the app installed, no instructions necessary.  But sometime (most of the time), I don’t like to use the app to delete files.  I just do it manually and actually it’s much quicker. So, Here you go with the manual controls.  (Not using an LCD.) 1) Turn on, 2)  Hold down the red

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Improve Your Tennis Game – Some Simple Tips

Every year, tennis players spend tons of money trying to improve their forehands, backhands, volleys, etc..  But just working on one stroke can consume a ton of money and likewise, a ton of dollars, and sadly enough, it often doesn’t produce the desired result. In a typical lesson these days, your coach will feed you

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How Can a Junior Tennis Player Get Recruited?

TennisRecruiting.com is a website all about junior tennis players and their careers.  Here is a link to an article that you might find useful before actually starting the recruiting process.  In it they point out that one of the things that you can start at an early age is shooting video of the matches they

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College & Junior Tennis – Improve Feedback With Video

Here’s another article from “Tennis Blog” which I think is excellent.   The reasoning for using video analysis for junior tennis players and college-level tennis players is clearly laid out.  Italics were added for emphasis ‘Improving the Feedback Loop One of the many reasons I was drawn to college tennis coaching was because of the

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Best Junior Tennis Academies

Top Junior Tennis Academies in the U.S  (from “Tennis Blog“) “I know that the merits of a tennis academy are huge, especially for talented players who need absolute focus and immersion in the game. Whilst I may be more in favor of a private tennis coach or pro teaching junior players, there are some academies that

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Record Tennis Video with a Separate Audio Source

We filmed a college tennis match the other day using a separate microphone to record the chair umpire, and here’s the result. [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDT-FwN1jw4[/embedyt] I really enjoy having the score called out after every point, and there’s really no reason you couldn’t do this yourself calling out the score and commentating on the match.  The

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My Favorite Review of the QM-1 Camera Mount

The “TennisGuru” in Las Vegas had this to say about his recently purchased K-2 Bundle (3-28-17) “You are the “MAN” Mike, lol. Wow we had a great session with 2 of my senior kids. Everything arrived and set up was easy. 10ft high  fence,  20′ to base line. First try & hang was perfect. looking

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Custom Modifications to the Camera Mount

  Have a special situation? An indoor pipe that is larger (or smaller)  than 2 1/16″ diameter?  We can modify the QM-1 Camera Mount for tennis to fit almost any situation.   Just take a picture and provide us with pertinent details – or maybe just give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

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Free Video Editing Software for Windows

This should be a great program for you PC owners for  editing your tennis videos.  Give it a try, let us know how it works for you. Free PC Editing Software