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Ground Level View

Well, I feel a little chastised right now.  Someone asked if the QM-1 could be mounted directly into the wire mesh of the fence.  My first response was no….and then I decided to take another look, and lo and behold, it not only works, but it works really well and is extremely easy to do.

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George Wachtel's Tennis Blog

George Wachtel has put together a great blog for seniors.  Rich in information on a wide variety of topics.  Here’s the link:  Click Here

Denver University Men's Coach on the QM-1

Danny Westerman of Denver University says:  “We always take the QM-1 with us on road trips.  The guys love to watch their matches in the evenings while we’re on the road”

Review of the QM-1 by Ultimate Tennis Equipmen

This the the text of a review by “Ultimate Tennis Equipment”. The QM-1 has so many uses that it is almost too difficult to comment on each one of them. Off the bat, one might look at the device and think that it doesn’t warrant a price tag of $69. While at first this may appear

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You Call the Shot

Here’s a short 18 sec video from my tournament match yesterday. See what shot you would have made, then see what my opponent did. (By the way, my ego insists that I say we won the match, despite his great shot-making!) 🙂 Click here to see the video, which will open in a new tab.

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Hitting against the Wall

Here’s a link to a very informative video by Oncourt/Offcourt.  I often practice against the wall, and Joe has some interesting comments.   You can also mount your QM-1 on a fence and watch your strokes to see how you’re doing.   Great tennis practice. Click here to go to YouTube and use your back

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Nadal's New Book

Reading through Rafael Nadal’s new book “Rafa”, I liked this quote so much and it seemed so appropriate to this website that I put it on the home page.  Here it is again: “Toni and I watch a lot of tennis videos, especially of my games, both ones that I’ve won and the ones that

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Introduction to the MyTennisTools Tennis Blog

The purpose of this blog  is to put forth an forum for  interested tennis players, coaches and parents of tennis players  to share what they may have learned about  recording their tennis matches.  Maybe tips on how they have used the QM-1, or on video equipment in general and how they got the best results.  We are always

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Use Video to Record Your Tennis Lesson (A Hidden Interview)

This tennis player didn’t know I had my camera on – he talks about how his girlfriend used the QM-1 Camera Mount to film her  tennis lesson. Why  take tennis lessons? As a USPTA certified instructor, you might think I don’t need to take tennis lessons.  To the contrary, I find them very useful.  Yes,

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