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Free Video Editing Software for Windows

This should be a great program for you PC owners for  editing your tennis videos.  Give it a try, let us know how it works for you. Free PC Editing Software

See You at the 2016 USPTA World Conference

If you are attending the 2016 USPTA World Conference in Indian Wells, please drop by our booth and say hi!   We’ll be there Monday night, September 26th from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  Not going to the World Conference?  Drop us a line if you are in Southern California and maybe we can arrange

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Some General Questions on Tennis Video Settings, Procedures and Editing

I thought this exchange from a customer might be useful to others.  This is a summary of some questions I r day and the answer.  How should the angle be set? Did the wide angle give the curve and should it be set to medium angle? Also what is the best way to delete videos

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Excerpt from International Tennis Federation on the Coach's use of Video Analysis for Tennis Players

Ran across this article in the ITF files about why you might want to consider using video.  No, you don’t have to be a coach to follow this, but any coach or parent can use these ideas as a starting point as to why you should use video in your development of a tennis player.

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Crushed! What's to learn?

Is it better to lose than to win? Sometimes. I’m just coming off my worst loss in a long time, having been destroyed by Bob Litwin in the semi’s of the Men’s 65’s at the Boulder Open. 6-0, 6-1. Never could get any traction. I do feel better knowing that I had eight game points

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How I Won My First Men's Open Doubles Tournament at 67 Years Old

Just wrapped up playing a tournament in Aspen, Colorado where I entered my first Open Men’s Doubles competition. My partner (whom I picked out of the crowd as the semi-final match was beginning, was a 4.0 rated player who didn’t like to play doubles). And we won the tournament. Okay, okay, there were extenuating circumstances……as in

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Sharing Video Files

HOW TO TRANSFER VIDEO FILES Many times you may want to share your files with someone else, perhaps a practice or doubles partner. You have several choices and these are my solutions as of May, 2016. Small files can be handled as follows: Simply upload to YouTube. You might have to create an account, but

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Online Tennis Instruction

How Good Are Online Teachers? I subscribe to quite a few of the online teachers that sell their lessons on the internet, and have come to some conclusions about how useful they are. As an active USPTA teaching pro and avid tennis player, here’s my two cents on how useful it is. (Disclaimer: I have

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Playing Tennis On the Road

When you are traveling, it’s always nice to take a break, pick up the racquet and hit a few. It seems to me that wherever I go, there’s always someone to hit with. With that in mind, while traveling through Lafayette, Louisiana on the way to Florida for some clay court tournaments, I stopped by

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Should a Junior Tennis Player Use Video?

Why Should a Junior Tennis Player Use Video to Improve Can the average junior tennis player improve by taking and looking at videos of himself/herself ? How much does it help? I think any good coach will answer a resounding “yes”! For the typical junior tennis player, I think it is invaluable that he receive

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