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Custom QM-1 Camera Mount for those “oddball” tennis courts and uniquely special situations.


Have a special situation?

An indoor pipe that is larger (or smaller)  than 2 1/16″ diameter?  We can modify the QM-1 Camera Mount for tennis to fit almost any situation.   Just take a picture and provide us with pertinent details – or maybe just give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

Filming a soccer  game?

We’ve modified the QM-1 to accomodate that situation, making the mount fit various fences but also providing a modified ProView Extender up to about as high as you’d like it.   That puts the camera way’ above the fence, and at a much better price than an other camera mount out there.

Before you spend a ton of money on some fancy overhead or aerial camera mount that costs hundreds or thousands, let’s see if we can solve your problem with a custom camera mount for your situation!  Call Mike at 303-960-6946 to discuss your situation.

This doesn’t get much press, but if you are having a problem mounting a camera around your tennis court, or some other special situation such as a very wide rail on the fence, we can modify the QM-1 to fit.  In this particual situation, here is a picture of an adjustable QM-1 I made for a soccer coach in England:



This QM-1 was modified to adjust from 2 1/4 inch to  3 and 3/4 inch.


Let us know what your needs are, and we can probably come up with a solution!