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Looking at a tennis court from behind as seen on Television

Screenshot of Tennis Court from Behind as Seen of TV





Smartphone mounted on fence from outside the court

Smartphone mounted on fence from outside the court

We received this question the other day from Anthony:  “I have an iPhone  6 Plus and want to capture the “tv” shot. Is there a lens that I could purchase or/and an accessory that would help? ”

My reply follows:

Those TV shots are made with special, large lenses so they can get that view without any distortion.  They are also  further back  (up in the stands) from the court and then zoomed in.  So duplicating it will be dificult.
From watching our many YouTube videos,  you are aware of the view using the QM-1 from the back of the court, on top the fence.   If the iPhone 6 does not have a wide enough angle (I’m not that familiar with it), you can add on a small lense like this one, click here.  In my experience, an add-on lense would be needed to capture the whole court.
Here’s an example of a .45x lense – too narrow in my view.
Here’s a .67x lense example.  Still not the best, but better.  Overall, I found the .67x lense to work best.  Hope that helps!
PS  The iPhone 6 will work well with the Smartphone Adapter sold here at MyTennisTools.

Fabrizio in the U.K. uses the QM-1, both a standard and a modified version, to film his soccer matches.  We made him a custom 4′ tall ProView Extender to get 4′ above the fence itself.  He doesn’t upload to YouTube, but click here to see his Facebook page with lots of videos and examples.

View using the QM-1 of a Soccer Match in England

One view of a soccer match

Maybe you can take your soccer skills to the next level?

Note:  Just ran across this website on how to film a soccer match.  Lots of good tips!


If you have the app installed, no instructions necessary.  But sometime (most of the time), I don’t like to use the app to delete files.  I just do it manually and actually it’s much quicker.

So, Here you go with the manual controls.  (Not using an LCD.)

1) Turn on,
2)  Hold down the red button on front for three to five seconds.
3)  Press the red button on top ten times to scroll to the big “M”, then
4)  Use the red button on front to select the big “M”, then
5)  Use the red button on front again to select the gear.  If the gear isn’t in position to be selected automatically, use the top red button to scroll until it is, then select the gear.
6)  Use the top red button to scroll (press about 9 times to get to the “Delete”.
7) Use front red button to select “Delete”
8)  Use top front button to scroll to “Delete All”, then select with the front red button.
9)  Scross with top red button and and select “Yes” to format the card.
That’s it, the files are gone.  I always use this method myself.