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QM-1 “Quick Mount” Portable Camera Mount


The patented QM-1 Portable Camera Mount makes it easy and fun to film yourself (or anyone else) playing tennis!

Calibrated yet adjustable, eliminate guesswork and save time and hassle.   Here’s the secret – tennis courts are built to standard dimensions, and so the correct angle is already marked on the QM-1!   You no longer  have to guess!
The same mount works from either side of the fence, so you never have to set foot on the court if you don’t want to.
The low profile is so unobtrusive many players don’t even know it’s there!
Used by the USTA Player Development Program and hundreds of major colleges and universities!


Tennis Video Example

Typical GoPro view of tennis court, camera set to “broad” angle

No assembly required. No ladders, mirrors or out-dated mounts that don’t have pre-sets. Know what you are getting from the beginning.

Showing various uses for the QM-1 Camera Mount

QM-1 Portable Camera mount for Tennis, shown mounted on chain link fence, indoor curtain and handrail

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    • How do I know what I’m recording? The correct angle for filming is already set on the camera. You don’t really need to do any more. However, you can always use the wi-fi capability of your camcorder – a procedure which works for sure, but really isn’t necessary to frame the picture.
    • Can I use it Indoors? Yes, just put the curtain cable between the inner leg of the QM-1 and the pole.
  • Will it work with any camera? Yes, any camera with a standard 1/4″ x 20 screw thread (NOTE: The GoPro requires a special adapter available on this website under Accessories. Or if you order your QM-1, it is an add-on at an even lower price and no shipping)
  • Can you suggest a camera for recording tennis matches? YES! Please click here to go to our cameras page. Works with GoPro, MUVI, smartphones…..just about any camcorder!
  • Where is the pole made? We have to import some parts, but the QM-1 is mostly manufactured and assembled in Denver, Colorado.
  • I saw another camera mount that cost twice as much, using mirrors and a hook. Is it a better mount for filming tennis? Not at all. You pay twice as much for half the functionality. It doesn’t easily fit in your bag and it can only be mounted from inside the tennis court – not good for coaches or parents or other situations requiring an outside mount! Other than that, it worked well for older camcorders with snap-out viewfinders, but it had to be pulled from Amazon due to the bad reviews. It is marketed very well.

The four-piece custom-made pole telescopes from 28″ to 6′-5″. Made from rugged aluminum bars bent into a clamping hook that “wedges”, not just hangs, onto the fence rail to give a secure attachment. “Soft-touch”, rubberized knobs are easy on the hands. Used by the USTA Player Development program, Chris Evert Tennis Academy and literally hundreds of Colleges and Universities.

USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in USA just $11.00. Allow two to three days. (International shipping rates vary, please contact us for best rate and int’l discounts) PLEASE NOTE: We guarantee to get your shipment out no later than the day after the order is placed, and in many instances we can get it out the same day. Please consider this when placing your order.

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QM-1 Portable Camera Mount, QM-1 Portable Camera Mount + Tripod Adapter for GoPro Cameras