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The K2 “Sport” Bundle – K-2 Muvi Sport Camera, “Quick Mount” Camera Mount, 16 gb SD Card, Support – All You Will Ever Need

$219.00 $199.00

Stuck in a rut?  Want to move up that ladder, win that tournament, get a win over your nemisis?  Get the original K-2″S” Full HD Wireless ActionCam, the QM-1 Portable Camera Mount, and a 16 gb sd card all for one low price – it’s all you’ll ever need to make your own professional-quality tennis videos.  See what’s really happening on the court, where you need improvements, what strategies work, what mistakes you might be making.  Reach your potential!

Note:  Compare to any other video “system” for filming tennis and feel free to call us and we’ll be glad to discuss the differences!



Why the MUVI K-2?

The K-2  has proven to be an extremely  reliable, easy to use wireless camcorder – a great alternative to the much more expensive and less user-friendly GoPro.   Film your matches in 1080p or 720p, at 30 fps or 60 fps.    Even at 120 fps for use as a slow motion film.   Here’s a comparison of the K-1 (similiar to the K-2, but the K-2 is superior) versus the GoPro.



What’s Included in the Bundle?

  • The QM-1 “Quick Mount”  Portable Camera Mount
  • The K-2 Muvi Sport with built-in Wi-Fi (no internet required).  The Wi-Fi has a range up to 60 meters and has an interchangeable battery with 3 hour battery capacity.  An optional external battery will quadruple the capacity.  For a short video showing how easy it is to set up, click here.
  • The package contains a 16 gb sd card that will capture over 11.5 hours of video at 1080p, 30 frames per second.
  • Our world-class support – call just about anytime for help with anything to do with tennis video.  We can usually clarify an issue immediately, but if we can’t answer your question on the spot will find someone who can.  Questions can range from how to copy a file to how to shoot in slow motion.  We’re here for you!

Compare the K-2 Sport and K-1 capabilities by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Wi-Fi?

An internet connection is not necessary.  The only wi-fi that occurs is between the camera and your own device.  And after you use this camera a few times, you’ll find it’s not necessary to use the wi-fi, but you can still use your Smartphone or tablet to see what the camera is seeing, and to fully control it (start, stop, format, zoom, etc) in real time, from up to 200′ away!  To repeat, the K2 has it’s own own wifi network (no internet connection required).

The K-2 is also fully compatible with the FREE GoPro Studio software!

How Long Will the Battery Last?

Records up to 3 hours with one charge, but for longer recording times the battery is replaceable and/0r an external battery can also be easily attached to more than double the recording time.

Is Editing Software Included?

We don’t include any specific software.  There is plenty of free editing and viewing software already our there.  For Mac’s, there is always QuickTime and iMovie, and for PC’s we recommend VLC,  Moviemaker, PowerDirector, etc.  Too many to name.  Even GoPro has a basic editing module that can be downloaded and used with your Muvi files.

How Long to Ship?

PLEASE NOTE: Most shipments go out no later than the day after the order is placed, and in many instances we can get it out the same day. Please consider this when placing your order.  We ship USPS Priority Mail, two to three days transit time.

What About Support?

We are almost always available to answer questions, but Veho has also furnished us special links for support.

Here is a video on how to set up the K-2 for filming tennis.

(Note that for filming tennis it isn’t necessary to use the wi-fi, especially if you play on standard dimensioned courts. Just set the correct angle (as marked on the QM-1) and turn it on.